National Water Utility Survey

We are seeking participants for our national survey on the resilience of water utility systems. This survey is an opportunity for us (two academics) to learn from water professionals like you about the types of long-term adaptive challenges that you are experiencing in the utility sector.

Follow the link to complete our on-line survey. This survey is completely anonymous. We do not request identity information except your title and region where your utility is located. The responses will be aggregated in the analysis. The survey is estimated to take approximately eight minutes.
Water utility managers are the target of this survey; however, we welcome input from water utility employees at all ranks and divisions. If you work in the water sector but not at a water utility, please kindly share this survey link with water utility professionals in your area. The larger our sample, the more significant the findings of this study.

This survey is part of on-going research to understand how communities build adaptive capacity to manage stresses and shocks to their water utility systems while increasing capacity to meet a growing demand. The goal of this research is test how various governance characteristics of water utilities correlate with utilities’ scores on the Utility Resilience Index (URI).

Thank you for your time and consideration participating in our survey. We look forward to learning from you.

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